We are proud to offer the In-Ovation series of brackets, from GAC Dentsply. In-Ovation braces feature self-ligating brackets, which allow more control during treatment than traditional brackets. The difference is that they are smaller in size, but stronger and more efficient because they have a built-in clip that holds the archwires in place without the need for wire or elastic ties. This design allows for greater overall attractiveness and a more reliable product.

The clip is also more comfortable than the standard wires because it does not gouge or stick to a patient’s cheek or gum line. Many patients report faster, more efficient results, which means less fuss and fewer treatment visits.

Types of In-Ovation Series Brackets

With our comprehensive selection, we’re sure to find the In-Ovation series bracket that’s perfect for your individual needs:

  • In-Ovation R brackets are sturdy and focus on being as small as possible, minimizing discomfort during orthodontic treatment and making cleaning your teeth easier.
  • In-Ovation C brackets combine the strength of In-Ovation series brackets with the cosmetic appeal of translucent ceramics to form a self-ligating brace system that is effective and aesthetic.